Match Report: Firm pays the costs of superb MRN performance



It’s not often that you read a football match review littered with legal costs puns.  That is probably for a reason but in the interests of fun, I have done so anyway.

MRN Issued the challenge to Gowing Law to play a 5-a-side football match at Soccer in the City with the proceeds going to The Christie Hospital.  The challenge was gamely accepted and so the players initiated an intense training regime, which for some players included a double Greggs breakfast on the morning of the match – not something you see in any Premier League training Schedule.

The MRN team undertook a Detailed Assessment of 5-a-side tactics in order to get on the Fast Track to success, and all the talk pre-game amongst the boisterous crowd was whether MRN would undertake a diamond formation, box formation or a continental Y-formation.  Safe to say it soon became apparent that tactics were an overrated commodity for what was surely the biggest game on the Bill that evening.

The “warm up” consisted of hitting a ball as hard as possible at goal on repeat, as both sides were wary of giving the opposition a Provisional Assessment of their footballing skills.

The match itself got off to a flying start from an MRN perspective, with Adam “The Tempest” Fenton grabbing the opening goal after just 10 seconds after pouncing on hesitant defending with the same vigour and determination that he applies to his cost negotiations.

The tone had been set and MRN soon built up an 8-2 lead thanks to the silky dribbling and finishing skills of Rafi “Rafinho” Grosskopf and the thundering tackles of Wayne “Thorpedo” Thorpe.  This was much to the surprise of the MRN supporters Monica, Hannah and Helen who were obviously so enthralled that they thought the score was still 1-1.

With no substitutes and the effort and Application of the players, it was no surprise that the pace of the game dropped in the second half.  However, the languid and relaxed style of the game suited Matthew “The Undertaker” Waring, who brought a passing style as accurate as his Bill drafting to allow MRN to maintain a 4 goal lead for most of the second half.  Of course, the bedrock of any team is the quality of the goalkeeping and MRN were blessed to have James “The Matador” May between the sticks who parried and Court (sorry) everything that was thrown at him.

After the final quantum calculation was complete, Judgment was ordered to MRN in the sum of 20 goals to 17, with £135 raised for the The Christie Hospital.  MRN also proving that the legal costs experts were, for one night at least, football experts too.

Gowing Law have requested leave for an Appeal for a return match in the future, one which we are sure will be granted.

The team would like to thank Gowing Law for accepting the challenge and for a good match, and as well to our merry band of cheerleaders/photographers for their support.


James May

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