All our experts and members of staff are working remotely

We remain confident that we can continue to provide the quality of service that you rightly expect during these uncertain times. We already have the infrastructure in place to ensure business continuity so there will be no difference in your ability to access our services quickly and efficiently.

We can continue to attend conferences and hearings either by phone or by video conference. All our experts and advocates are also readily available and are more than happy to assist you if you have a question you need answering at short notice, or need assistance.

When getting in touch, please call using the main numbers
✆ 0161 830 8474 or
✆ 0113 247 1549.
You can also instruct us Online or you can contact team member’s Direct .

If you experience any difficulty connecting, you can call any of the following mobile numbers:
✆ 07970368665
✆ 07932238437
and our Client Care team stand ready to assist.





Can you instruct a firm outside your locale?

Grant Scully    Many litigators will be aware of the historic case of Wraith v Sheffield Forgemasters Ltd [1998) in which it was considered when it is reasonable for a firm not located in the client’s local area to be instructed. However, costs is a fast paced environment and Wraith is now more than 20…

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A spotlight on Lindsay Woolford

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