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We remain confident that we can continue to provide the quality of service that you rightly expect during these uncertain times. We already have the infrastructure in place to ensure business continuity so there will be no difference in your ability to access our services quickly and efficiently.

We can continue to attend conferences and hearings either by phone or by video conference. All our experts and advocates are also readily available and are more than happy to assist you if you have a question you need answering at short notice, or need assistance.

When getting in touch, please call using the main numbers
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No interest on costs of loans granted but has the door been left open?

Jack Holland The case of Godfrey v Automotive Products Limited was a claim for noise-induced hearing loss where the claim settled pre-issue in the sum of £2,000.00. As part of the claim for costs, a sum of £388.71 was sought within the Bill of Costs totalling £7,233.48 for the interests of a funding loan which…

Qualification on DBA Termination

Jack Holland   A Court of Appeal judgment on the termination of Damages Based Agreements (DBA’s) has recently been handed down in the case of Zuberi v Lexlaw Limited seemingly bringing to an end the uncertainty surrounding termination prior to conclusion and the ability for a Solicitor to recover its’ costs. The facts of the…

MRN Top Tips for 2021

  Be careful regarding interest on disbursement funding loans and advice given to Clients regarding recovery of the same. Master Gordon Saker made it clear in Marbrow v Sharpes Garden Services Ltd[2020] EWHC B26 (Costs) (10 July 2020) that interest paid on a disbursement funding loan was not regarded recoverable as an item of cost or,…

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