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Costs Plan

Similar to our values, transparency with your client or litigation funder is of upmost importance, and helps engender a strong and trusting relationship. Although a great amount of detail and expertise is put into its preparation, a Cost Plan will briefly demonstrate the costs involved for a case to progress, making the decision to issue proceedings far more informed.

Costs Budget

With our Prophet Costs programme, you can view your heavily itemised Budget to know your exact allowance in each phase. We’ll determine your incurred costs from viewing your file, and we won’t estimate the fee of Counsel and experts, we seek real prices.

We ensure we know our clients and how they run their cases before preparing a budget.

Bill of Costs

To coincide with the launch of the new bill of costs/Precedent S on the 6th April 2018, we implemented a bespoke costs programme so our clients can view, comment and electronically sign off their bills via our client portal. Click here for helpful guidance and a 15 minutes video tutorial on Time Recording and the New Bill of Costs.

We will continue to provide our unique Alternative Version Bills, which shows time claimed against the realistic. Don’t worry about sorting time into tasks and activities – leave that to the experts!


With extensive experience in court and a wealth of costs expertise you will want to have trained advocates fighting your corner.

Our heavily itemised Bills and Budgets help us defend and support your hard work to get you the best possible outcome.


At Your Convenience

Have a new instruction? Simply complete this form and we will organise the rest.

Hesitant to part with your files? We’ll help retreive your files electronically or come to your offices.

Need the file back? We’ll copy and return on the same day.

All complementary with our service


Have an accredited mediator on your side to settle costs dispute quicker and cheaper. Our in-house cost specialist, Solicitor and Accredited Mediator, Avi Dolties, will be able to help you. Contact him now on 0161 830 8474.

Seminars and Training

We want you to know how to best manage your legal costs and be kept up-to-date on all legal developments, which is why we’ll come to you.

For more information or to make a booking, please contact Hannah Dabinett on 0161 804 6113.

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