Rebecca Abeles


[email protected]

0161 830 8475

It is with thanks to Rebecca that MRN runs smoothly day by day. Since joining the team in November 2015 as Office Manager, Rebecca has actively played a support role to the Director and the firm as a whole. She is meticulously organised, highly trusted and greets everyone with a welcoming smile. Each day is different at MRN, and the friendly atmosphere of the office and team motivates her. On a day-to-day basis, Rebecca ensures that all fee earners can complete their jobs efficiently. She does this by actively negotiating accounts so that the team are provided with the best resources, arranging transport, organising the payroll, devising contracts and providing inductions to new team members – just to name a few! Rebecca is known for bringing fun to the office, often organising quirky games and arranging outings to celebrate the team’s accomplishments. Outside of the office, Rebecca runs a charity to help vulnerable teenage girls.