Matthew Waring


Personal Injury Clinical Negligence Court of Protection

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0161 804 6101

Matthew joined MRN initially in 2014, he began his legal career in 2011 at a well-known North West firm of Solicitors.

Matthew is a Chartered Legal Executive, having completed his studies part-time whilst working at MRN full-time. Matthew achieved Chartered status in 2022.

Throughout his time at MRN, Matthew has worked upon both Receiving Party and Paying Party matters, though his primary focus is now on Paying Party matters dealing with initial advices on how to defend costs claims, through to preparing Points of Dispute and providing tactical advice to clients, whilst fully managing the client’s expectations.

Matthew is also fully accustomed to dealing with all aspects Receiving Party costs, whether it be preparing Costs Budgets, Bills of Costs or preparing Replies to Points of Dispute and he continues to have an active caseload of Receiving Party work.

Examples of Matthew’s recent Paying Party work includes:

• Preparing Points of Dispute on an 8 Claimant action which had been partially Costs Managed;
• Preparing Objections to a Bill of Costs totalling over $850,000 for a client in the Caribbean;
• Preparing Points of Dispute within England and Wales Jurisdiction, where the parties were based in Caribbean, with there also being allegations of Money Laundering and National Crime Agency Involvement;
• Advising a large City Council with regards to a Receiving Party’s appeal against the Trial Judge’s costs Order.

Examples of Matthew’s recent Receiving Party work includes:

• Preparing a Costs Budget on a Clinical Negligence matter where the Claimant had lost capacity due to the negligence, with the Costs Budget totalling over £750,000
• Preparing a Bill of Costs and conducting the Detailed Assessment Proceedings though to settlement on a Clinical Negligence matter where damages were in excess of £2.7m, with a recovery on the Bill of Costs of over 90%.
• Preparing two Bills of Costs for a matter in the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) and Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber), in a matter which necessitated Replies to Points of Dispute, with the matter Proceeding to Assessment in the Senior Courts Costs Office; the Bills of Costs also sought to claim Litigant in Person Costs.

Given Matthew deals with both Receiving Party and Paying Party matters, he considers the steps the opposing party will likely take when formulating the tactical advice to his client’s which enables a case plan to be created if so required.

When not working, Matthew spends his time with Family and Friends.