Costs Budgeting

Don’t rely on a ‘bit of luck’ rely on years of experience.

From April 2013 the Court places significant reliance on Costs Budgets that are submitted at the start and during the course of the litigation. We therefore provide a service of preparing full and accurate budgets for use at Costs Management Hearings. These are prepared very quickly to ensure that we have the file for as little a period of time as possible.

As a party to litigation you may wish to request that the court places a cap on your opponents’ costs or you may be the recipient of such an application. Either way we can review your files and prepare detailed case plans to support a proposed budget for the costs.

We were the first firm to provide a full cost budgeting service via the Prophet Costs programme.

Our Budgeting Services include:

  • Draft budgets based on accurate record of time actually spent and our expertise in estimating the level of future necessary costs.
  • Maintaining a comprehensive database of the level of work needed to undertake each section within the budget so that we can support the time at a costs management conference.
  • Tracking your cases on a regular basis to ensure that the costs expended remain in sync with the budget.
  • Update budgets as necessary and making necessary applications.
  • Either providing full briefs for counsel in support of the budget or attending the hearing to support the budget.
  • Quick conversion of the budgets into bills to allow for the recovery of the costs.

If you are interested in an in house Budgeting workshop please Contact Us or click the following link for more information on Prophet Costs.

Budgeting SeminarBudgeting SeminarBudgeting Seminar