To provide seamless support that is normally associated with an in-house department.

Like a traditional law costs drafting firm, we can produce bills of costs and all the associated documentation as well as representing you at detailed assessments. However, we do all that and far more, as we effectively conduct the matter on your behalf.

As your agent we can prepare costs only proceedings, the bills of costs and then serve them on your behalf.

We constantly chase the other side to try and secure settlements and generally progress your case. We comply with any Court Directions and the timetables imposed by the CPR.

We do our utmost to attend all the detailed assessments ourselves rather than instructing agents to ensure the consistency of conduct and approach. Further, given our costs structure this additional service will not cost you any extra.

We will be happy to attend your offices where the matter is substantial or time sensitive and you do not want your file of papers to leave your offices.