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We asked Kathryn Regan, one of our Costs Experts, to take some time out of her very busy schedule working across 3 screens, for her views on what it’s like to work at MRN Solicitors


What is your job title?

Costs Lawyer & Advocate


What type of work do you do at MRN Solicitors?

Lots! On any given day I can find myself going to hearings or conferences, liaising with clients or handling bills for a diverse selection of different work, from high profile multi-million pound commercial cases to catastrophic injury, clinical negligence or defamation cases (which I find really interesting!). I also get to handle paying party cases on a whole variety of matters.


What are you working on at present?

I’m currently working on the replies to points of dispute for a multi-million pound bill of costs, which resulted from a commercial dispute involving serious allegations of duress.


What do you enjoy most about being part of the team?

I’d say the variety in my work is what I enjoy most – whether it’s receiving or paying party, high profile or smaller cases, I always have something new and interesting to work on every week. We also work closely with each other at MRN which is great, as we have a really helpful support network, especially with our mentoring and buddy systems. It’s also a nice bonus that our office is in a great location, and that I can work from home if I need to.


How does MRN support your professional development?

MRN have been able to offer the ability to mentor one of our new starters, which gives me a lot of new skills and new experiences in training my colleagues. They have also supported my attendance at courses to enable my continuing professional development. At the moment, I’m undertaking a lot of advanced training on solicitor-own client disputes, as our clients are increasingly requiring advice in this area.


Thanks Kat!

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