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Sparing some time in an otherwise jam-packed week Vikki Weinrich-Cooke, one of our Costs Experts, has been kind enough to answer a few questions about her experience in working for MRN Solicitors and what she enjoys in her role at our Leeds office.


What’s your role at MRN?

Head of Costs.


What’s your favourite part of your work?

I like to get out and meet Client’s when I can. I really like the aspect of working with people, finding out what their needs are and working hard to tailor and accommodate our services to suit.


What is the best part about working at the Leeds office?

The small office environment has allowed us to grow gradually and maintain our staff because of the working relationships that we have with one another. There has always been an ethos of mucking in when one person is under pressure and there’s no feeling like knowing you are supported by your colleagues in times when it really counts. The team is well established and these relationships have developed over time so there is strength in the unit we have which allows us to go the extra mile for our Clients.


How do you find managing the team at Leeds?

We have a relaxed atmosphere and I cultivate an open door policy. The team need to feel supported whilst they develop and manage their case loads and it helps that we have an approachable set up, to further develop their strengths. If anyone shows an interest in expanding their skill set I try to make this happen for them. As a result all of our team are now advocates.


How do you keep the team spirit strong when some co-workers work from home? 

We try to keep in touch regularly over the phone and have team lunches and nights out at everyone’s convenience. This really helps us to keep the spirit going.


Thanks Vikki!


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