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Rebecca Mogford


Uncertain times? “Do what can be done safely” is the message from the Courts.

The Lord Chief Justice has issued guidance which makes it clear that the default position is that Hearings should take place by video or telephone. Furthermore, he believes the rules in both the Civil and Family Courts are flexible enough to enable telephone and video hearings of almost everything.

However, in the statement delivered yesterday it was stressed that many more procedural matters could be resolved on paper.

The legal community have also been advised that final hearings and hearings with contested evidence very shortly would inevitably be conducted using either telephone or video conferencing technology and that adjournments should be a last resort. The Lord Chief Justice is urging all parties to consider exploring alternative arrangements such as video/telephone Hearings to try and reach a compromise rather than adjourn thus putting pressure on the Court system further down the line.

We at MRN are doing all we can to assist our clients during this uncertain period of time. All of our fee earners have the ability to work remotely and we are here to assist wherever possible, whether that be a costs query, a Budget that needs preparing or a friendly ear please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.